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“I had my very first session in 2012 with Jessica, I had several releases, but the most notable was in my face and jaw.  I had suffered for ten years with severe TMJ and had severe neck, shoulder, and jaw pain.  After that first session I stopped clenching my jaw at night, and eventually no longer needed to use a night guard.  The pain in my neck, shoulders, and jaw dissipated, and I remain pain free to this day!”  T.A. Hughes

"As someone who has health issues I have wanted to try lots of alternative healing practices, I was talking about CST to a mutual friend and she put me in touch with Jess. During my first session I felt a warming sensation and that night I slept very soundly, next morning I woke and my neck and shoulder tension was gone. I joked that I felt like Stevie Wonder (imagine his moves while at the keyboard). Jess is able to customize sessions by incorporating crystals, sound, and essential oils to name just a few. I am sad that she moved away, but I value the treatments that I received. This is a very gentle treatment and is well suited for people with a trauma history." ~ Tina M. Cole, LPC

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